Medical Transport Express




Now serving the Entire State of Maryland & Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Services will be expanding soon throughout the U.S.

Doc's Nursing Employment Agency/ Medical Transport Express provides high quality and reliable Medical transport services. We also ensure that our work is done efficiently and professionally to promote satisfaction among our staff as well as within the healthcare environment.


● Quality & Economical Wheelchair & Geriatric Chair Transportation for Your Loved Ones

● Wheelchair & Geriatric Chair Van Transportation

● Geriatric Chair Van Transportation

● Doctors Appointment Transportation

● Hospital Discharge Transportation

● Church Services & Family Visits Transportation

● Holiday Transportation

● Out of State Transportation

● Certified Nursing Assistant Escorts Available

● Licensed, Bonded & Insured

● 24 Hours Supervision by an RN

● Medicaid: Montgomery County & DC Residence



Van Service
Van service is offered to the community to provide economical wheelchair transportation to patients that use wheelchair who don't require an ambulance, but have no other modes of transportation available. This service is provided by Doc's Nursing Employment Agency/ Medical Transport Express.

The van provides transportation Monday through Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Extended hours and Sunday transportation can be arranged for Doctor's visit, Dialysis, radiation, home visit, church, long distance travel & activities. 

Patients Eligible for Van Service:

-Patients being admitted, discharged or receiving outpatient treatment at Maryland & Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Health Care Facilities

-Maryland & Washington, DC Metropolitan Area patients being transported to or from a Maryland & Washington, DC Metropolitan Area physician's office

-Residents of the community going to or from other medical related facilities in the Maryland & Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

Hospital dismissals will be given priority without advanced notification but should be scheduled with as much notice as possible.

All wheelchair and Geriatric Chair transports must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. The same day service is available on first call bases.

Individuals requesting wheelchair van transportation should meet the following criteria:

-Require no medical care during transport

-Be capable of sitting in a wheelchair without assistance

-Require minimal assistance while moving in and out of a standard wheelchair

-Maintain their own portable oxygen and oxygen delivery equipment

-Geriatric Chair is also provider when needed

Rate structure for van transportation:
One way transport From $65
Round trip transport From $90
Additional fee will be charged for a Geriatric Chair

To schedule a transport, call 301 540 8444 or 240 848 3161


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